Ed Sheeran: 'My manager Stuart said he'd retire if I ever made a Christmas album'


Ed Sheeran appears on Apple Music 1's New Music Daily with Zane Lowe to talk about his new holiday duet with Elton John, "Merry Christmas". 

He tells Zane about the first time Elton approached him about performing a Christmas song, why he never expected to do one at this point in his career, nearly murdering Elton while making the music video, and more.

Ed Sheeran explains the origins of "Merry Christmas" to Apple Music...

"Let's make a Christmas tune," Elton remarked when he called. "There's no use in doing a Christmas song when there are so many fantastic ones out there," I reasoned. If we're going to accomplish it, we'll have to throw all we've got at it, and it'll have to check every box. Sleigh bells, of course... It needs to be church bells ding-donging, mistletoe, dancing, and alcohol." I've never considered writing a Christmas song. It's always been something I've envisioned myself doing when I'm 60. My manager, Stuart, had threatened to leave if I ever released a Christmas record... But, to be honest, I wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for Elton. I'd always wanted to work with him, and this gave me the opportunity.

Ed Sheeran explains the song's title to Apple Music...

I swear, Zane, there's a problem in the matrix because that is the only song with the title "Merry Christmas." Look it up on the internet. Look it up on the internet. Now is the time to look it up. There's a Merry Xmas, a Happy Xmas, and an Xmas is Here. Look it up on the internet.

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