In your car, here's how you can listen to Internet radio

 It's not as difficult as you may believe.


 This article discusses how to listen to internet radio while driving. It explains how to listen to music using a smartphone, an internet-connected head unit, or a mobile hotspot.

In order to listen to Internet radio in your car, you'll need the following items.

It's as easy as it gets to listen to standard AM/FM or HD radio. A radio tuner is included in almost every head unit, and there's a good chance it can receive HD radio. Internet radio, on the other hand, necessitates a number of different components, the majority of which are not included with your OEM or aftermarket system.

If you want to listen to internet radio in your car, you'll need two things: a mobile internet connection and a gadget that can access internet radio material. Smartphones are a wonderful method to listen to internet radio on the go since they integrate both functions into a single, portable container that you're probably already carrying.

You may listen to internet radio without a smartphone by using your car's head unit (if it's compatible) or a separate mobile hotspot. OEM head units with internet radio and built-in Wi-Fi hotspots are available in certain automobiles, allowing you to share a connection with other devices.

Using a Smartphone to Listen to Internet Radio in Your Car

It's the simplest and least costly method to bring internet radio to your car if you have a smartphone with a sufficient data plan. If your phone can connect to your head unit in any way, all you have to do is connect the phone as usual and download the proper internet radio app.

If your head unit doesn't have a way to connect to your phone, you have a few possibilities, depending on your head unit's capabilities:

  • Car kit with Bluetooth
  • USB connection 
  • FM transmitter 
  • FM modulator

Listening to Internet Radio with a Head Unit

Some head units come with built-in radio applications or allow you to install radio apps that give access to many of the same services as smartphone apps. If your head unit has that capability, all you need to do now is connect to the internet by tethering your phone or purchasing a mobile hotspot. Other vehicles include built-in mobile hotspots that you may have to pay to use. 

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